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January 09, 2008

Buckeye and Browns Letdown

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. I thought I was getting a Browns playoff berth and/or an Ohio State National Championship for Christmas but neither one happened. It's tough being an Ohio State/Cleveland fan between the Cavs losing in the Finals, the Indians losing the ALCS to Boston after being up 3-1, the Browns missing the playoff and Ohio State losing two National Championships and the Final Four.

But as hard as those loses are for me, Max is getting a baptism by fire. He has really gotten into sports and rooting for Ohio State and all the Cleveland teams, especially the Browns. He hasn't become as jaded as I have yet, but give him about 20 more years of heartbreaking loses and I'm sure he'll be a mess like me. When he asked me why Ohio State lost to LSU, he looked genuinely sad. How am I supposed to answer that? "Well, son, your Dad is cursed so that any team he roots for will lose in a heartbreaking and devasting fashion. Get used to it."

One thing that made me proud was when we watched the Browns/Bengals game with Lois' family, who are all Bengals fans. As much abuse as they gave us, Max dished it right back calling the Bengals "poopy-heads." That's my boy!

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