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September 24, 2009

Blast from the Past

Have you ever scoured the internet looking for pictures of yourself that might show you in a compromising position? Maybe a picture from your "experimental" days in college? Or a picture from that night you blacked out and woke up in someone else's clothes? I thought I was safe ... until now.

I stumbled upon a site that had pictures of people that I know and saw that they posted their first communion pictures. At first, I thought that was pretty funny, they all look so geeky. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks - "Wait a minute, I was in that same class!!!" Imagine my horror when I saw a shaggy haried Asian kid standing in front of the priest and realized "Holy $&!# that's me!!!!"


September 04, 2009

Football Season

It's like a light switch has gone off, or maybe it's like how birds know when to migrate south, but Max and Ben are all about football right now. It's like they know the season is about to begin so every night they want to play football in the yard. Ben insists that he wants to play "tackle football." He likes to not only tackle Max but any neighborhood kid, boy or girl, young or old. Max just wants to learn and play the game. Since I'm all time quarterback I can tell him to run a quick slant, post pattern, or fade route to the corner of the end zone and he knows what to do. See Mom, all that Madden on the Xbox is good for something!

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