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From the Urban Dictionary:
re.donk'u.lous adj. 1. significantly more absurd than ridiculous to an almost impossible extreme; without possibility of serious consideration. 2. fitted to excite absolute ridicule; intentionally crazy and silly; completely absurd and laughable. "redonkulous" - as first popularized by the fictional character Seth Cohen on FOX's The O.C

Yup, it's been 4 months since our last picture update. "Redonkulous" is the only word I could think of that describes it. This spring and summer have flown by. Max and Ben have finished second grade and preschool, respectively. Both have played soccer and baseball. This summer has been all about Avon Lake's new swimming pool and playing with friends and neighbors. The weather has been perfect for going to the pool and playing outside.

The only thing missing is a summer vacation. Instead, we are renovating our kitchen which should start here in a couple of weeks. We might need a vacation once the construction starts.

Check out what we have been up to these past 4 months.